How do I issue a violation?

  1. Select Lookup from the left hand side menu.
  2. Enter the license plate number for the vehicle violating the parking rules. If a vehicle does not have a license plate the license plate field placeholder should be VIN + xxxx (the last four digits of the vehicle's VIN number). NOTE: Some communities use the last five digits of the vehicle's VIN number.
  3. Select Record Violation from the right hand side menu and enter the appropriate details - don’t forget to take photos and enter the Parking Boss Warning violation sticker number!  Any notes entered here will be read by the violator if they look-up the details attached to the violation. If you are not using Parking Boss Warning stickers and would like to contact us -
  4. Any vehicle issued a violation with the Parking Boss Warning sticker will be able to view the violation details input by the user who issued the violation, including the photos and notes. 
  5. Even if you do not utilize the Parking Boss Warning stickers you can still record a violation - just leave that field blank.

NOTE: Parking Boss Violation stickers and tow company stickers are most easily removed with rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone brand remover.

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