Using any QR Code Reader on a smartphone

  1. Confirm you are logged into your Parking Boss account.
  2. Open the QR Reader app installed on your phone. Most smartphone cameras will automatically turn into a QR reader. There is also a Decal Scanner built into your Parking Boss dashboard.
  3. Scan the Smart Decal and it will take you directly to the record in Parking Boss (if you are logged in to Parking Boss) where you can view the information related to that vehicle. 
  4. If the information matches, you can record a note or move on. If the information DOES NOT match or the decal has been revoked, you can:
    Option 1:
    Tow (this is only if the policy states tow is the appropriate action).
    Option 2:
    Add a violation - see how.

BEST PRACTICE: We recommend breaking up the community into several “zones” and spot-checking 10-20 vehicles within a zone whenever you’re on site. This should take no longer than 5 minutes.

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